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Meal planning

It is so vital for a mom to use her time wisely. Having kids also means that so much goes unplanned. I like to take advantage of the things I can control and plan them. Before the week begins in the Simmons household I like to sit down and make a meal plan. This meal plan gives me a general Idea on what to prepare for that week. One thing I’ve learned from having kids


As a mom, we are expected to be everything. We are expected to be a nurturer, caregiver, provider, supporter, etc. The job of a mom consists of many requirements which could leave a mom exhausted and strained. I’m here to tell you that you do not have to exclude yourself from the department of care. In order for us to function properly for our children and ourselves, we have to get maintenance. Think about your

By Faith

As a working mother of five, it can be a little explosive. There are times where I am super exhausted. I feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. I’m here to let you know that you are not alone. So many parents wish they could do more for their children. Many of us believe that we can literally do it all and not fall apart. False, we cannot

Outside of the box

April 8th 2019, the day i decided to be honest with myself and Pursue  my passions. Notice that I said passions  because I have many. A mom of five who wants to be home blogging for a living, a family of seven who wants to explore the world…no way. I was thinking what you’re probably thinking right now, that it’s Impossible. Right?  Wrong! Who said that because you were a wife that your wants are

A Beautiful Mess​

A mother, a wife, an entrepreneur. A chef, a nurse, a dentist. A monster killer, story teller and human pillow. All of the titles that myself and many of you carry as well. As mothers we are the world to the little humans we give birth to. Sometimes in my house there is so much noise going on I wish I could have quiet, there are clothes everywhere, shoes all over the place and I

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