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Have you ever felt like your going through the same thing over and over? Have you felt like no matter what you’ve tried to do differently you still end up at the same place? Every decision that we make leads to a consequence. Every time we choose it leads to what we see right in front of us. Now what if I told you that you can change it? What if I told you that


Do you believe that you’ve learned in this lifetime so far? Do you feel that there are lessons you’ve learned and didn’t want to? I honestly believe that we as people are learning everyday. Some of us prefer to learn the good and easy lessons and not the hard ones. What I’ve learned is that each lesson whether good or bad is apart of a greater purpose. We are either learning to teach someone else


My husband drives trucks for a living. This man drives across the country and when he’s home, he has to split his time between me, the kids and sleep. One thing about my husband and I, we use to date and I mean he would court me before and after marriage. Having five kids makes it a little hard to date and add his career in there and it’s nearly impossible. After 12 years of

Power of the mind

What is your current thought? At this very moment what are you thinking about? The mind is a powerful thing. This is where our decision making comes from. This is where the processing of our thoughts take place. This is how our body communicates as a whole. In fact our minds are so amazingly unique. With that being said are you still thinking about what you were previously thinking about? I’m sure as I just


Being a mother has its good moments. We are responsible for shaping the lives of tiny humans before they go out into the world. As much as we prepare them, experience is still the best teacher. Let me share something with you, watching your child experience something painful is the worse. My son has been a victim of bullying and I recently found out how long it was and I was floored. All that I

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