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Lasheika was born August of 1987 in Miami, FL. She was raised by her mother and step-father. By age 14 Lasheika figures out that she had a love of writing and would jot daily in her journal. At 17 she became a mother of her first son. Lasheika used the birth of her son as motivation and returned back to school two weeks after giving birth to complete her high school education. Her theater arts teacher was so impressed he gave her name to a newspaper who than did a story on the young mother.
Lasheika went on to graduate high school and received her diploma in 2005. She met her husband in 2006 and the two were married in April 2007. She than went on to give birth to her second son in 2008. She received her Medical Assisting degree in 2009. Now as a mother of 5 boys, Lasheika has continued her journey and love for writing. 
Lasheika started this blog to fulfill her passions of writing and helping other moms no matter the stage or phase of their journey of motherhood.


  • I’m human and not afraid to admit. Every experience shared is one that I’ve personally gone through and there is no fear in the consumer knowing. My faith in God sets me apart and my ability to trust in His will for my life.

What's To Come?

  • The experiences of teen motherhood, a young married woman and pregnancy/labor complications are those in which I have no shame in sharing.

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