Count Your Blessings

Have you ever just felt like sitting around doing nothing? When the weekend came all you wanted to do was binge watch on your favorite shows and eat all of your favorite snacks? This was a small thing that I truly took for granted. It wasn’t until I was in someone else’s home and in one room that I realized the little things matter. Now eight months later in my own home with endless space, I truly value things I once was annoyed with or felt frustration from. Cleaning was something that I dreaded but now I love it. Cooking seemed like a chore but I appreciate the blessing of both cooking and eating. We use to have to go to the wash house but now we were blessed with a washer and dryer. 


I’ve shared that with you to say this, the things that we take for granted can be snatched away from us in an instant. Homeless with five kids was such a scary time in our lives but I can honestly say that through this experience I’ve grown, we’ve grown as a family. Seven months of tears, pain, struggle and strain birthed something beautiful for us in all areas. We’ve lost all comfort and stability in our foundation but we didn’t even realize that we were being prepared for better.

A New Leaf 🍃

While we were going through the process of being pressed, God was working some things out of us and bringing forth the answers to prayers we had forgotten that we prayed. We not only fast as a family, we pray as a family. We enjoy our time spent together, we cherish family as a whole and have God as our foundation. With this new chapter of life, we’ve been blessed with a new home, restored relationships, peace, love and favor.All of the things that were once small to us have been magnified and are in the important category where it should be.  We now have such a new appreciation for life and all that comes with it. 
I encourage you to re center your focus. Focus on the things that you have been blessed with like family, love, opportunities, shelter and food. Don’t take the small things for granted. Don’t become a person that has to lose in order to win. 

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