The Journey

Have you felt any anxiety lately? Have you felt any strain about your future and what’s to come? The future of your family? Your kids? This was me for the past seven months. While continuing to blog I was going through so much. I had been living with family for seven months and getting turned down for every place that I had wanted to live. We had been forced out of our previous place because the rent was being raised and honestly it was too small for our family of seven. This left me asking the question why? And feeling like when? When is the change going to come? When will better happen?

The Process

As the months went on it seemed like the walls were closing in. It seemed like every answer was a no. My husband and I were clearly frustrated and we begin to feel hopeless. One day after an anxiety attack, I literally had to throw up my hands and trust God. So my husband, the kids and I were lead to begin a three day fast.

The Better

On the third day of fasting I went to see a potential home to rent. Let me just say that in my home search, I have overlooked this property many times. The house was more than we’ve ever had on our own. Three bedrooms, two full baths, a washer and dryer and a fenced yard for our kids to play in. After seeing this house, man I wanted it and the landlord wanted to give it to me. 


After touring the house, he told me the amount of the deposit and at this point there was absolutely not enough in our savings for it but than God showed up and showed out. He gave me a new lesser amount that just floored me. My husband spoke that we would have the amount that Friday to secure the place. 

The Outcome

Friday came and we had the money, we had secured the place. A few days ago I got the text telling us that we can move early or we can move in on August 1st. After months of stressing, after months of trying to figure it out, after spending so many nights crying it seemed like it all happened over night.

 New Beginnings

 We will finally be moving in! We get our new start on August 1st. I will be getting the keys to our new life. I truly believe that this journey is a process leading us to our own home ownership. I believe it was placed on my heart to share this part of my life so that it can be a testimony for someone to keep going. With tears in my eyes I pushed forward, with my thoughts all over the place, I continued to pray. When it looked like all Hope was lost, we fought on. I hope this encourages you to keep going when things look bad, stay focused when it seems like your alone but most importantly continue to keep the faith in every circumstance because there is always a breakthrough in every situation. There is a light at the end of a dark tunnel. There is an open door at the end of the hall with your name on it. Push on!

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