Finding Your Groove

Easing back into a workout routine after pregnancy

Are you a new mom? Well let me say congratulations on the newest member of your family! Life after pregnancy can be an amazing and exhausting experience. For many mothers like yourself, you’re ready to get back into the pre pregnancy health routine. I too was seeking to get back into a workout plan that fit my life after the birth of my last son. I have compiled many tips below that had me back on the path of health.

Before You Begin

After labor and delivery ours bodies need time to recover from the drastic change of childbirth and all of the months before when that little angel was forming and growing in the womb. The one recommendation that I have before beginning the process is to consult with your healthcare provider. The most convenient time to do this is at your  six weeks check up. Your doctor will inform you than if He or she feels you are ready for exercise.

Start Slowly

Remember you just gave birth, and although you feel fantastic, your body may not be able to take on the task of a marathon or weightlifting. It’s important to pace yourself, give yourself the time to ease back into the process of working out. There are two exercises that I started with when the OK was received from the physician.

  • Kegals- this is done by contracting your pelvic muscles. Think of it as if you are trying to keep yourself from going to the bathroom. I would hold it for 10 seconds and do 30 per day. The good thing about Kegals is that they can be done almost anywhere and at anytime so you can take your time throughout the day to complete your 30 kegals. This exercise will begin the process of toning the pelvic muscles, which is needed after childbirth.
  • Pelvic raise- this is done by laying flat on the floor, raise your knees, lay your hands flat on the floor palms down. From this position you will slightly lift your pelvic area hold for 10 seconds or as long as you can and slowly release and relax back into the starting position. 

Gentle Reminders

Mom it’s okay if you don’t start your journey right away. Take the time that your body needs to heal properly before attempting any physical activity. If you do decide to begin working out please keep in mind the following:

  • Use a warm up and cool down method. 
  • Start each workout slowly.
  • Stay hydrated before,during and after a workout.
  • If you’re a breastfeeding mama wear a secure sports bra and nursing pads to secure the leakage.
  • Start without the use of a waist trainer
  • If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop working out immediately.

It Takes A Community 

Starting the journey of working out with a newborn can feel overwhelming. Hormones are everywhere and after being up all night with the baby you are left with low energy. It’s okay to ask for help. Consult with your partner or parents to assist on your journey.

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